FIZ Karlsruhe – Leibniz Institute for Information Infrastructure

FIZ Karlsruhe makes significant contributions to the information infrastructure by supporting researchers in science, the humanities and industry worldwide. FIZ Karlsruhe curates and indexes large amounts of patent information and research data from various sources. Nearly 300 employees develop and operate innovative information services and e-research solutions for precise research and intelligent analysis of these data. FIZ Karlsruhe conducts applied research in close collaboration with academic and research organisations and acts as an experienced partner in national and European research projects. FIZ Karlsruhe is engaged in several high-level working groups and committees that address information infrastructure and digital preservation issues in national and international contexts. The department e-Research (IEE), led by Matthias Razum, focusses on research data management, digital long-term archiving and virtual research environments. With a strong background in software engineering, it has participated in or led projects like National Hosting of Electronic Resources, RADAR (research data repository), German Newspaper Portal, TOPORAZ (digital space-time model for networked research) and Time Machine Europe. It oversees the operation and software development of the German Digital Library (DBB) and German Archives Portal. IEE brings extensive experience with software development in the humanities and services such as RADAR to the consortium. The research department Information Service Engineering (ISE), led by Prof. Harald Sack, covers semantic technologies, knowledge discovery, ontological engineering and exploratory search. ISE brings profound experience with the design, implementation and exploitation of ontologies, knowledge graphs and linked data to the consortium. Intellectual property rights in distributed information infrastructures (IGR), led by Prof. Franziska Boehm, deals with copyright, IT (security) and data protection law on a German and EU level. Compliance with data protection and copyright laws are important to the NFDI4Memory community when it comes to the collection, storage and re-use of research data.



Dr. Felix Bach
Dr. Heike Fliegl
Sandra Göller
Sarah Ondraszek
Prof. Dr. Harald Sack




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Matthias Razum