What are Co-Applicants:
4Memory brings together institutions committed to improving research data management in the historically oriented humanities. Alongside the IEG as “applicant” institution, ten “co-applicant” institutions have taken on the shared responsibilities of coordinating our “task areas” and drawing up our work programme. Each contributes to 4Memory’s goals through their respective expertise and institutional capabilities.

Who are the Co-Applicants:
The co-applicants include scholarly and research institutions, memory institutions and information infrastructure institutions. Our broad range of established, pioneering co-applicants with vast experience in digital methods makes us ideally placed to transform historical research data management. More detailed information on the individual co-applicants can be found here:

& Research Institutions

What do the institutions contribute to 4Memory:
The individual institutions have considerable experience in the areas relevant to the 4Memory project. This experience is used in the respective task areas in order to realize the 4Memory project through the interaction of the respective competencies.