Application submitted!

We are pleased to announce that we have now submitted our application in the third and final round of the NFDI funding call. Our revised application builds upon the intensive community engagement that shaped our second-round application, strengthening the plans for our consortium in the areas recommended in the feedback we received earlier this year.

The next stage will be a presentation for the evaluators held between mid December and early February. We should know by next May whether we have received a recommendation from the DFG’s Expert Committee for funding. If approved, our consortium will begin its activities in January 2023.

We will soon update our website,, with more detailed information about our measures and tasks as part of our aims to improve research data management for the historically oriented humanities.

We – in the name of our co-applicant institutions – thank all those in our disciplines for their continuing support, whether they are among our participants, partners or among the wider community.

To keep up-to-date with 4Memory, please see our website and follow us on Twitter (@NFDI4memory).

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