Short update

As we noted in May, 4Memory is participating in the third round of the NFDI funding call by the German Research Foundation (DFG). Over the summer, the co-applicants have been hard at work revising our application and working together with our many participants across the community to strengthen our submission and to ensure that the historically oriented humanities will have a voice in the NFDI.

In August, we submitted our binding Letter of Intent (here a direct link to the pdf-version), which lays out the institutions and people who make up our planned consortium as well as 4Memory’s aims.

(All of the Letters of Intent for the third round, including 4Memory’s, are available on the DFG’s website.)

We are pleased to continue building upon the extensive community building that we undertook during our second-round application: nearly all of the over 70 participant organisations from the second round will be part of our new application, and we have even gained a few new ones! As before, we continue to work closely with our fellow humanities consortia (4Culture, 4Objects and Text+), with whom we have a joint Memorandum of Understanding.

The coming weeks will see us busily engaged in finishing off our revised application, to be submitted before the deadline on 2 November. We look forward to being able to announce – both here and on Twitter – that our new application has been sent in!

We also take this opportunity to thank our supporters in our community – whether among our participants or not – for their continuing support for 4Memory!

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